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By Alex Robertson

Mark & Anita return to Pommieland the day after our March Club meeting.  I am now selling some items for them.

Part of the sale will generate income for our Club, because they have generously donated many items towards raising funds for our Club.

Submit your best offer for any of the items you would like to purchase at the March Club meeting.  The sale will continue till all is sold.

These items include:-

Sprite stuff for sale:-  ALL INCOME FOR CLUB FUNDS  

  • Vertical flow radiator for reconditioning
  • 2 steering racks for reconditioning or parts  
  • Multiple wishbones for reconditioning
  • Exhaust manifold for small bore engines  
  • Blanking plate for master cylinder hole on LHS
  • Rocker cover 
  • Gear lever cover
  • 1100cc thick rear engine plate (Needs some welding.) 
  • 948/ 1100cc thin rear engine plate
  • 3 tyres 165 x 13 (used)  
  • 7 wire wheels in unknown condition  (5 with tyres) Prefer to sell as one lot.
  • There are also many, many smaller items still in boxes.  I will bring all of this to the Club meeting for you to buy at fair cheap prices.

Sprite stuff for sale:-  50/ 50 INCOME FOR CLUB FUNDS + MARK &  ANITA

  • Boot lid – offers over $50
  • Boot rack – offers over $30

Sprite stuff for sale:-  INCOME FOR MARK & ANITA ONLY.

  • Sebring bonnet  $1495
  • Midget bonnet  $175
  • Pair of new Sprite sills  $280
  • Rear bumper bar  $100
  • MGB hood bows & header rail  $ 200

Sprite stuff for rent:-  INCOME FOR CLUB FUNDS

Mobile cradle to suit Sprite body shell – Hire out for Club funds (price to be agreed by Committee – suggest a nominal sum of maybe $5 / week).

Stuff to put in Club trailer:- FOR CLUB USE

  • Picnic rug
  • Folding table
  • 2 camping seats
  • Esky
  • Beach shelter  

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