Sunshine Coast Chapter Dinner – March

Tuesday 12 March 2019

The March Dinner Meeting was held at the “Beerwah Hotel”, in…wait for it…Beerwah!! As per our previous experiences, you have to give this professionally run Venue full marks for effort….and best of all, Jacqui (and therefore Keven also) get VIP points for booking us in under their name!!

We had about 22 Members and Assoc in Attendance, and this was with Nev Mansfield and Pres Troy a little late from a previous commitment.“Yours Truly” spoke on the Forthcoming Events (and fifth coming for that matter) and then deferred to the various Event Organisers to speak in greater detail:-

  • Rod “Rainman” Constable spoke about our imminent but previously-postponed-because-of-bad-weather-Day-Run but…er, this has subsequently been-postponed-owing-to-bad weather to a date to be advised…hang in there Rod, these things are sent to try us*
  • Alex Robertson then spoke about the Weekend Away which has been organised for the end of March by himself and Tony Slattery…Everybody is invited and I am sure details will be contained elsewhere in this Newsletter.
  • I then invited new Pres Troy to speak to which he said “No, Mike, you are doing a pretty good job”. I spontaneously dropped to one knee and said “Thank You, My Liege” which made me chuckle and, I think, some of the congregation also,…”Our Liege” then spoke for some time about his vision for the Sprite Club operating cohesively as Chapters but more importantly as a Combined Group…to this end, the June Meeting is likely to be a Combined Event at the Breakfast Creek Hotel at…er, Breakfast Creek, Newstead on the Saturday night instead of the usual Friday night Brissy Meeting. fully endorse everything that Troy said!).

The next SCCQ Sunshine Coast Chapter Dinner Meeting will be Tuesday 16 April 2019 at the “Beachmere Tavern”…at,er, Beachmere….6.00pm for 6.30pm ordering Dinner (they like to get to bed early, these rustic folk)…all Members and their Guests welcome! Venue to be booked by Mike unless somebody would like to claim VIP Points!!


Mike Ovens
Sunshine Coast Rep

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