Vehicle Maintenance Day

Saturday 11th March 2017 we held a Vehicle Maintenance Day at our place at Kallangur.

Attended were – Keith & Karen, Tammy & Glenn, Nev, Alex, Clive & Gail, Scott & Leona, Stuart & Chris, Rod, Mike Millard, & Mike Ovens

Our maintenance day proved to be very successful, as we had 5 cars on the hoist over about 3 hours. Some of the issues we found needed attention immediately. 2 of these issues were – a muffler almost ready to fall off. Stuart used my MIG welder to weld it back on. the 2nd was a rear drivers side splice wire wheel was found to be extremely loose. All it needed was to be tightened.

Other issues we found which needed to be repaired in the near future are listed here

  • leaky rear shock absorber
  • loose suspension bolts (these were tightened)
  • worn wheel bearings
  • king pin replacement
  • torn rubber boot on the tie rod end
  • oil leaking from steering rack boots
  • worn bushes in lower control arms

We also did a minor brake adjustment.

None of these issues were urgent, but do need attention in the very near future.

Notes were given to the owners of the cars that had issues.

I think Days like this should be done on a more regular basis as is was quite an eye opener for some of the owners on some of the problems that currently exist with their vehicles.

After our examinations were all finished, we sat and had coffee and cake/biscuits/slice and a good catch up.

Then 4 of the 9 cars that attended headed to the mouth of Cabbage Tree Creek for fish and chips for lunch.

Very relaxing sitting in the shade of the trees with a gentle breeze blowing off the water.

Thank you to everyone that came today.

Keith & Karen

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